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with innovative technologies from MDI

Our job store specializes in laser processing of glass and offers high quality and customized solutions.

Thanks to our expertise in laser processing of glass, we offer flexible and cost-effective manufacturing services. By outsourcing your glass processing requirements to us, you can access our specialized technology and experienced team without having to bear the associated high investment costs. We act as an extension of your production capacity and ensure modern and efficient glass processing.

Our focus on innovation and collaboration drives creative solutions in the laser glass processing industry.


CO2 laser cutting

With a kerf of 0 and a scribe accuracy of ± 25µm, we supply glass blanks without microcracks. This enables, for example, thermal post-treatment without additional edge grinding.

Laser processing by means of green laser

We offer, for example, drilling, cutting and structuring in one clamping. Handling is often no longer necessary, as all process steps can be carried out with one tool.

Cutting by means of wheels

Scribing and breaking with patented APIO® and Penett® cutting technology.

Analysis and measurement

Glass analysis and measurement using software-assisted electronic microscopes up to a substrate size of 300 x 400mm with an accuracy of ± 3µm.

Bending tests

3- and 4-point bending tests to determine edge strength; up to a maximum force of 10kN.


Dr. Christoph Hermanns

Dr. Christoph Hermanns
General Manager

Unal Eren

Unal Eren
Sales & Marketing

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