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Green laser

Energy and cost efficient

Conventional drilling and shape cutting technologies have reached their limits. But with increasingly demanding customer requirements and product designs, new glass processing technologies must meet this challenge.
Our green laser technology meets and exceeds these modern requirements by inspiring designers to be more creative with their glass specifications.

Advantages of our machines:

No tools - only software!

You can cut out any shape simply by adjusting the software.

High yield!

Due to the precision of the laser and minimal breaks, you have almost no material loss.

Clean process!

No water, no sand, no dirt.

Cost effective!

Eliminates additional grinding and washing steps.

Energy efficient!

Only 6.5 KVA at maximum peak power.

All-in-one machine!

Marking, coating removal, partial removal, chamfering, countersinking, drilling - all in one machine

Minimum operating costs

Unlike other glass processing alternatives that require a significant amount of energy to operate, our laser machines use only a fraction of the energy, reducing overall production costs.
In addition, unlike conventional methods, our machines do not require regular replacement consumables, which are often expensive.
This makes our machines an economical choice for companies that want to reduce production costs without compromising quality.

Technology Average cost per hour Annual costs at 24/7 Costs after 3 years
Laser $5,00 $40.230,00 $120.960,00
Waterjet $21,00 $169.344,00 $508.032,00
Savings $129.024,00 $387.072,00

LD 500 - 650 - 2000

Our LD machine series is available in 500x500mm, 650x900mm and 1500x1000mm table versions. Equipped with a 532nm laser (“green laser”), the LD series drilling and cutting machines enable high-quality removal of brittle materials and are thus used in a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Green laser
  • Drilling, marking, structuring and ablation of free forms
  • Substrate thickness from 0.3mm to 50.0mm
  • Exactly right-angled machining
  • Chamfering possible during the drilling process
  • High yield with high accuracy
  • Space-saving stand-alone unit with simple user interface
  • integrated suction
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Green laser

Dr. Christoph Hermanns

Dr. Christoph Hermanns
General Manager

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Unal Eren
Sales & Marketing

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