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Splinter-free and highest edge quality

Cutting with extremely high edge strength

The result is a high-quality cut in terms of edge quality and strength. Unlike mechanical scribing with cutting wheels, the laser scribing method does not require any further processing steps such as grinding or washing.


  • Maximum yield with minimum scrap
  • Thin glass (from 100µm) with high yields
  • precise and clean cut edge with highest edge strength (break resistance)
  • optical glass edge quality
  • no micro cracks or chipping
  • no material loss during or after the cutting process
  • No glass dust particles, therefore suitable for clean room conditions

A focused laser beam selectively heats the glass – followed by a jet of cold air or an air-liquid mixture. This thermally generated stress results in precise cracking of the glass.

Comparison edge strength

To illustrate the high edge strength of laser-cut glass, here are two videos in which both wheel-cut and laser-cut substrates are subjected to a 4-point bend test.

Typically, these systems are custom-built and need to be integrated into existing production processes. Therefore, a meeting is necessary to clarify the specific requirements and conditions. Therefore, a conversation is necessary to clarify the exact requirements and conditions.

CO2 Laser

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Dr. Christoph Hermanns
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