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A Cost Comparison of Drilling Glass by Laser and Waterjet


A Cost Comparison of Drilling Glass by Laser and Waterjet

Drilling glass is a precise and delicate process that requires specialized equipment. Two popular methods for drilling glass are using a laser or a waterjet. While both technologies have their advantages, one key factor that businesses must consider when deciding which technology to invest in is the cost. In this article, we will compare the cost of drilling glass using a laser and a waterjet. We will break down the costs into two main components: the initial investment and the cost of operation. By examining these costs, we hope to help businesses make an informed decision on which technology is the best fit for their needs.

Initial Investment:

The cost of a new machine can be broken down into 2 main components. First comes the initial investment and then comes the cost of operation.

The initial investment volume in these two examples are based on standard machines, however depending on the size and the capability of the machine the prices can vary. These numbers here are an average cost estimation. Clearly the laser machine starts out with a higher cost and almost no low cost models due to the high cost of the laser source. The waterjet can offer here low cost alternatives.

Cost of Operation:

When it comes to cost of operation the laser machine offers an astonishing advantage with a steady $4,- to $6,- per hour on average (results may vary very slightly depending on the electricity prices in your country). 1/3 of this cost consists of the electricity consumption (6,5 KVA), the rest consists of maintenance and repair.

The lowest the waterjet can offer here is double of what the laser operates on, which is 12,- $ an hour and depending on the usage and size of the machine can go up to 30,- $ per hour.

A basic calculation of the cost of operation over 1 year demonstrates the savings over time:

Even though the initial investment is high with the laser option, after year 3 the savings on the cost of operation are so great in comparison to the alternative that it is possible to buy a new machine with the savings.

In conclusion, when it comes to drilling glass, businesses must consider not only the take time and initial investment of the technology but also the overall cost. While a laser machine may have a higher initial investment, the lower cost of operation over time can make it a more cost-effective option in the long run. On the other hand, a waterjet machine may offer more affordable initial investment options, but its cost of operation is typically higher than that of a laser machine. Ultimately, businesses should weigh the pros and cons of each technology and consider their specific needs before making a decision. With this cost comparison between drilling glass by laser and waterjet, we hope to have provided valuable insight to help businesses make an informed decision.

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